Nat Diamonds

Digital scarcity is the precious matter of 3rd millenium.

Bitcoin blocks are the only rare, immutable, everlasting data on web.

We mimic the carving of IRL precious stones crafting artworks out of
the new concept of Digital Dust = BTC rare data patterns.

NatDiamonds is a new way for younger generations to collect digital scantness.

Nat Diamonds

NatDiamonds is the first collection of a new bitcoin based jewellery era.

NatDiamonds have an infinite theoretical supply but with a very slow minting (like IRL diamonds).
Every time the bitcoin field 11 ("bits" hex) contains the '21' pattern, a new NatDiamond is minted
Every NatDiamond is unique, and all future NatDiamonds will be unique.

Logic for colouring and shaping We assign a symmetry score to each bitcoin block number, ranging from 0 to 100. Block number digits are considered symmetric if they are equal on both sides of an imaginary vertical axis that cuts the block number in two.

- Symmetric block numbers result in perfect rare diamonds
- Asymmetric blocks in skewed diamonds

For example,
184|481 has 100% symmetry score,
123|456 has 0% symmetry score

Read our gitbook to know more about the scarcity of traits.

Use the Nat Diamond checker page to find valid blocks.

Nat Hearts

Nat Hearts will be the second ordinal colection levaraging the Digital Dust.
The Hearts will parse Bitcoin transactions to change the content of the hearts

Stay tuned for mopre info on release.